Siemens Automation Parts

Siemens is a household name when it comes to well known electrical equipment and appliances. Siemens industrial automation is among the world's most popular due to its robust nature and a favourite amongst the manufacturing industry with a reputation that speaks volumes for reliability. Some factories are still running successful Siemens SIMATIC S5 Plc equipment that is 30 + Years old. Many factories run on equipment like the fantastic Micromaster series that is now discontinued and unavailable from Siemens and their official partners. As we are not an official Siemens Distributor obso can offer you the full lifecycle of equipment and even help you save further with a variety of conditions available. 

Select Manufacturers

  • 6ED1055-1CB10-0BA0/SIEMENS 6ED1055-1CB10-0BA0 - SIEMENS 5 Available
  • 6EP1332-2BA10/SIEMENS/Drive Technology 6EP1332-2BA10 Drive Technology SIEMENS 3 Available
  • 6ES7134-4FB01-0AB0/SIEMENS/Programmable Logic Controllers 6ES7134-4FB01-0AB0 Programmable Logic Controllers SIEMENS 11 Available
  • 6ES5705-0AF00/SIEMENS/Programmable Logic Controllers 6ES5705-0AF00 Programmable Logic Controllers SIEMENS 19 Available
  • 6GK1503-3CA00/SIEMENS 6GK1503-3CA00 - SIEMENS 4 Available
  • 6ES5420-7LA11/SIEMENS/Programmable Logic Controllers 6ES5420-7LA11 Programmable Logic Controllers SIEMENS 3 Available
  • 6AV6647-0AH11-3AX0/SIEMENS/HMI’s & Operator Displays 6AV6647-0AH11-3AX0 HMI’s & Operator Displays SIEMENS 3 Available
  • 6ES7315-2AF83-0AB0/SIEMENS 6ES7315-2AF83-0AB0 - SIEMENS 16 Available
  • 6ES7132-4BF00-0AA0/SIEMENS/Programmable Logic Controllers 6ES7132-4BF00-0AA0 Programmable Logic Controllers SIEMENS 13 Available
  • 6ES7222-1BF32-0XB0/SIEMENS/Programmable Logic Controllers 6ES7222-1BF32-0XB0 Programmable Logic Controllers SIEMENS 11 Available
  • 6ES7193-4CF50-0AA0/SIEMENS/Programmable Logic Controllers 6ES7193-4CF50-0AA0 Programmable Logic Controllers SIEMENS 47 Available
  • 6ED1055-4MH08-0BA0/SIEMENS 6ED1055-4MH08-0BA0 - SIEMENS 7 Available
  • 6ES7138-4CA01-0AA0/SIEMENS/Programmable Logic Controllers 6ES7138-4CA01-0AA0 Programmable Logic Controllers SIEMENS 17 Available
  • 6ES7274-1XF30-0XA0/SIEMENS 6ES7274-1XF30-0XA0 - SIEMENS 70 Available
  • 6GK1500-0FC00/SIEMENS 6GK1500-0FC00 - SIEMENS 36 Available
  • 6ES7158-0AD00-0XA0/SIEMENS/Programmable Logic Controllers 6ES7158-0AD00-0XA0 Programmable Logic Controllers SIEMENS 5 Available
  • 6ED1055-1FB00-0BA2/SIEMENS 6ED1055-1FB00-0BA2 - SIEMENS 4 Available
  • 6ES7232-0HB21-0XA0/SIEMENS 6ES7232-0HB21-0XA0 - SIEMENS 4 Available
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