Allen Bradley Automation Parts

A world leader in factory automation equipment. Owned by Rockwell Automation this american brand has some of the most instantly recognisable products. Popular parts like the PanelView HMI’s, Powerflex Drives, GuardLogix safety controllers are common among factories worldwide due to their reliability and functionality. With Allen Bradley being so popular amongst factories worldwide  there is still huge demand for Allen Bradley’s sought after obsolete equipment. With their official distribution network not offering discontinued equipment it is becoming increasingly difficult to source such equipment. Obso are not an official Allen Bradley distributor which allows us to stock and offer older gems like the hugely popular SLC-500 range, Micrologix, PLC-2 & PLC-5 System, Older Powerflex Drives like the Powerflex 700 and much more. 

Select Manufacturers

  • 1492-IFM40F/ALLEN BRADLEY 1492-IFM40F - ALLEN BRADLEY 8 Available
  • 1492-SPM1D160/ALLEN BRADLEY 1492-SPM1D160 - ALLEN BRADLEY 11 Available
  • 140M-C2E-B63                                      /ALLEN BRADLEY 140M-C2E-B63 - ALLEN BRADLEY 7 Available
  • 1489-M1C020/ALLEN BRADLEY 1489-M1C020 - ALLEN BRADLEY 6 In stock
  • 100-FA11/ALLEN BRADLEY 100-FA11 - ALLEN BRADLEY 3 Available
  • 1746-N2/ALLEN BRADLEY/Programmable Logic Controllers 1746-N2 Programmable Logic Controllers ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1746-ITB16/ALLEN BRADLEY/Programmable Logic Controllers 1746-ITB16 Programmable Logic Controllers ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1746-IB32/ALLEN BRADLEY/Programmable Logic Controllers 1746-IB32 Programmable Logic Controllers ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1746-IB16/ALLEN BRADLEY/Programmable Logic Controllers 1746-IB16 Programmable Logic Controllers ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1746-A7/ALLEN BRADLEY/Programmable Logic Controllers 1746-A7 Programmable Logic Controllers ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1734-OB4E/ALLEN BRADLEY 1734-OB4E - ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1734-IK/ALLEN BRADLEY 1734-IK - ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1734-IE2V/ALLEN BRADLEY 1734-IE2V - ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1734-IB8/ALLEN BRADLEY 1734-IB8 - ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1734-IB4/ALLEN BRADLEY 1734-IB4 - ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1734-FPD/ALLEN BRADLEY 1734-FPD - ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
  • 1734-EP24DC/ALLEN BRADLEY 1734-EP24DC - ALLEN BRADLEY 1 Available
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