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Surplus Original Packaging

New Sealed

Surplus Original Packaging equipment is what you can expect, items that have never been used before and the seal is unbroken just like getting it direct from the manufacturer. Although we are not allowed to say factory sealed as we are not an authorised distributor partner. Surplus Original Packaging items come with 24 months warranty unless otherwise stated. You may see this condition called Factory Sealed, Brand New, New Never Used from other suppliers

Surplus Non Original Packaging

Our items quoted as New Obso Packaging guarantees these items have never been used but may not have the original Seal in tact or the original Packaging, but will come securely packed from Obso with a 24 month warranty In the majority of these cases they are cancelled new orders or factory overstock that has never been used and can save you time and money when compared against ‘Surplus Original Packaging’ partner stock

Pre Owned


These items have previously been used yet come fully tested and cleaned.Pre-owned items can come in all levels of cosmetic appearance due to the age and where the item may have been used. One thing we do not pretend at Obso is that our pre-owned items are refurbished or reconditioned back to new as not only is this often impossible but also misleading. One thing is for certain, Obso’s pre-owned items are delivered tested and cleaned with a 12 month warranty, and for those situations out of our control meaning an item isn't as you would expect you are covered by our returns policy.

Service Exchange

Service Exchange

Why not Part-Exchange your equipment for even further savings. Not to mention helping with the environment by contributing to the circular economy



We can repair your items quickly and efficiently with carefully selected specialist partner repair centres for most items

  • *  Obso Ltd. or Obso B.V IS NOT an Authorised Distributor of the products listed on this website and not affiliated in any way with their listed manufacturers. Manufacturers’ Warranties DO NOT apply and Manufacturers’ Support DOES NOT apply to any products sold by Obso.
  • *  Products are covered by Obso’s Replacement Warranty for 12 months from the invoice date unless otherwise stated.
  • *  All products are inspected and guaranteed by Obso to ensure quality.