Born from frustration

We have all been there. Being let down by a supplier.

Obso empathise with that feeling of frustration and has been created to change the way companies buy their automation equipment. This starts with having a strong culture for helping, and getting things done in time and within budget.

Our customers rely heavily on their machines working and at Obso we believe engineers and technicians alike should not be spending their precious time hunting down parts they need quickly or rare items no longer available from the brand manufacturer. We believe purchasers and fellow trade professionals should not need to have a PSL list longer than their stock list in order to ensure they are getting the best value and service.

Our distributors and factories can’t rely on just one solution. They require many different brands for their (or their customers) machines, and constant upgrades aren’t an option in factories with varying ages of machinery especially when the majority still operate reliably.




Find It

40k+ unique items ready to deliver to you. With over 20 years experience of additional supplier relationships. We give you access to millions of automation parts worldwide from over 300 Manufacturers to get your parts quickly and at competitive rates.

Conditions to suit

Factory Sealed, new open box & pre-owned. Further savings are available through our exchange programme or repair options.

Fix It

We only stock, source and supply original items and never offer non genuine equipment.

Items in new conditions come with a 2 year warranty, while our pre-owned and repair options are covered by a 2 year obso warranty.

We care and do not consider our job complete until you are fully satisfied, this means we communicate long after you order


• Same Day collection & Next Day Deliveries
• *FREE Express Shipments available globally

We know you are busy, so when you enquire we respond quickly with your personalised price and delivery time making sure you can get back to what you do best, safe in the knowledge that your part request is being taken care of.

Whether it’s machinery downtime or you need something quickly for a valued customer we work hard to make sure you get your items when you need them.

Obso Core Values


We do what we say.

We are not in business to make something seem shinier, bigger, or better than they actually are.

We talk in facts and look to be as transparent in our communication as possible. We work tirelessly to do what we say, and we are committed to delivering on promises we make.

Whether it's to a customer or colleague, we do not accept half efforts or excuses for lack of communication.


In today's world, it is easy to get caught up in the ‘do everything right all the time’ culture social media and the PC police have brought upon us.

We don’t pander to the minority, who want the world censored or void of opinions. Instead, we let people speak their mind and we’re adult enough to ignore things we don’t like or agree with.

We are human, We make mistakes, but we learn from them and look to lead by example and value actions over just words.


We are resilient in work and personal life.

Life is hard, and the tests we are sent do not define us as people, neither do they slow us down in pursuit of our goals.

We respond to difficulties positively. We see them as necessary, sent for us to become stronger and learn from in order to be the best we can be.

We are resilient, we are flexible and we take accountability for ours and our colleagues actions.


Whether it's finding a solution to what seems like an impossible task, or having to work harder because of restrictions out of our control.

We don’t whinge, we don’t moan or concentrate on that which we don’t have. Instead we count are blessings and make the most out of that we do have.

Whether that is Good, bad or indifferent.

Partner with an MRO category specialist

Obso supply parts fast, worldwide, however that is not all we do. We have a range of value added services that allow us to be the supply partner of choice for some of the world's leading manufacturers and procurement companies.

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360 Inventory Management Programme

360 Inventory Management Programme

Looking to keep your lines active and reliable for as long as you can? Let us help review your current requirements and put together a plan to proactively support your ongoing requirements

Part Exchange

Do you have unwanted equipment in a repairable condition and require more relevant spares? Why not trade in your old equipment for new or different spares.

Part Exchange
Loyalty Programme

Loyalty Programme

We offer a unique loyalty programme, rewarding our most loyal customers with specialist discounts and tiered rebate opportunities

Sell or Recycle your equipment

Do you work in a factory with unused spares? Or have you had a recent line upgrade and do not know what to do with your previous equipment? Talk to Obso’s purchasing team to see if we can help.

Sell or Recycle your equipment
Become an obso supplier

Become an obso supplier

Join 100’s of independent specialist suppliers and distributors by becoming a supply partner with obso and benefit from access to a wider global market. We require new supplier partners to adhere to certain rules & SLA’s to prove part authenticity

Obsolescence management

From a ten-point plan to creating an obsolescence strategy, to a systematic approach to handling replacement and substitute parts to managing maintenance – we’ve got you covered!

Obsolescence management

Industry Specialists

Obso understand the unique issues of our customers from some of the most demanding industries


Including. Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and industrial transport


All fast moving consumable goods, food, drink, cosmetics, printing, packaging & Tobacco

Raw Materials

Including. Metals, Minerals, Wood, Quarrying & Mining

Offshore, Shipping & Marine

Offshore oil, gas and energy including Chemicals and petrochemicals and Shipping & Marine

Other Manufacturers

Including. Textiles & Apparel, furniture, toys and much more

Trade & Machine Builders

Resellers, MRO & Other Procurement specialists, Machine builders, panel builders, Integrators, engineers & Electronic, computing & HVAC

Company information

Company information Request a copy

Spares Guide

Spares Guide Request a copy

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